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Turbocharge your WooCommerce store load times

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  1. I noticed that the theme I’m using (Adrenalin) has a ton of JS and CSS scripts and while they’re minified, they’re loading in the . Wouldn’t it better for page rendering to move these to the footer when they’re enqueued by Wordress?

  2. If you’re running an affiliate store on WooCommerce, it’s very popular to want to load thousands and thousands of products. From my own analysis, the performance degradation which occurs is because of some terrible code inside WooCommerce and WordPress core which parses through every product in your database to perform category counts.

    By installing HHVM and using that instead of PHP-FPM, you get compiled speeds and instead of a 100,000 product store loading in 180+ seconds it loads in 10 seconds. That’s still not super fast, but at least it gives users a chance – combine that with caching and you have something.

    I’ve documented how to set up HHVM here:

    1. Hi Dave,

      I actually came across your post completely separately yesterday – looks good. Would love to see more in depth load testing simulating active customer sessions and order transactions. Don’t think anyone has gone to that level thus far.


  3. Woo! Hoo! Thank you so much! I have a small Amazon store I’m working on and I’m going bonkers just trying to “View Product” after making changes. Did a search, found you folks, downloaded the plugin, followed your simple-easy instructions… a-batta-bing-a-batta-boom… clicked on “View Product” the page loaded INSTANTLY (BOLD for emphasis πŸ™‚ ). This post truly is the “Top Gun” for giving a-quick-lift-off to our pages.

    It’s custom where I live to show thanks and appreciation with a bow… m(_ _)m

  4. From my past experience what I found is that themes from Woothemes and Studiopress work really well with WooCommerce. The page load time is good in comparison with other premium themes available on Themeforest. Using plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache is a good way to turbocharge a WooCommerce website.

  5. Before added any product in woo commerce with hhvm and dedicated server : homepage load in o,7 seconds, after added 60000 product, homepage loads in 11 seconds

  6. I have a problem with minification. Before minification report shows 192 requests. After minification 86 requests. But also after minification my website loads slower. What could be the cause for that ? My theme is very light. It’s just a css and few lightweight Woocommerce template changes no custom JavaScript bullshit and stuff. The theme is loading main style.css file and also by functions.php enqueues theme_style.css file which imports next 8 css file using @import function. Also each plugin loads style.css file. I have no idea why but after minification my website runs slower.

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