Suave WooCommerce Theme Launch – plus Sample Sites

A catchup post this, but back at the end of February we launched Suave – a classy WooCommerce theme. The response has been fantastic with 50, yes 50, five star reviews and an average rating of 4.96 on ThemeForest.

With over 550 sales it’s proving to be a big hit and we’re so excited to see what it’s being used for.

We’ve seen some beautiful implementations so far, here are a couple that really took our fancy.


A Sound Effect

Asbjoern has done an amazing job with his site, a huge library of independent sound effects at ridiculously good prices.



A full width implementation with beautiful image choices, and a natural green color scheme which really ties the branding together. The video of a lavender field gently swaying is a great touch at the bottom of the page.


Schroll KitzbĂĽhel

A gorgeous dark version of the theme is used to sell jewelery and watches. The yellow badge of the logo contrasts nicely with the charcoal grey and the product images still pop impressively throughout.


High Res Media

Outstanding photography in this one, as you’d expect from a site showcasing the skills of a photography and video production company. Based in Arizona in the US, if you’re selling your home these guys are guaranteed to make it look fantastic.

Would you like your Suave implementation to be featured in a follow up post? Just drop us a line 🙂

You can buy Suave from ThemeForest for just $58 with 10 ready made demos so you’ll be up and running in no time.

How to build a successful eCommerce empire through Private Labelling

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast is a veritable goldmine of wonderful information about doing business online. Chances are that if you’re in the business of selling anything to anyone online you’ve probably stumbled across the SPI podcast before. Normally the subject matter is a little bit more geared towards Internet Marketing in general but a recent episode is a must listen for budding eCommerce merchants.

Today I’d like to bring your attention to SPI Episode #127 which is an absolutely fantastic episode for anyone involved in eCommerce. The episode tracks the story of Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson who have also launched (which you should also check it!).

Ryan and Daniel are turning over in excess of $1 million dollars per month selling private label good mainly via Amazon. I had a little chuckle when Ryan and Daniel revealed their revenue numbers to Pat who did a double take to ensure he heard the guys correctly that it was indeed $1 million per month 🙂

While the episode is mainly about how to get started with private labelling on Amazon I think there’s some wonderful tips in here for any eCommerce merchant with regard to the importance of customer service, pricing and the importance of branding online. The episode covers:

  • Exactly how Ryan and Daniel are making millions by buying existing products overseas, branding them and selling them online.
  • The wide-range of industries that Ryan and Daniel are currently targeting.
  • The unique selling proposition and strategy they are using to serve their customers and set them apart from their competitors.
  • The importance of packaging and the customer experience beyond the product itself.
  • How to get started using this business model.
  • The niching and branding strategy you should use going forward.
  • The importance of research, and what specific things you need to look at before you begin.
  • A step-by-step hypothetical example that I use to start this kind of business.
  • How to communicate with manufacturers and wholesalers to ensure quality in your products.
  • The packaging and fulfillment process Ryan and Daniel use for this process.
  • The common mistakes that people doing e-commerce tend to make.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

Seriously folks this episode is not to be missed!

How to build a profitable eCommerce website with over $40k in sales in just 3 months

If you’ve always wanted to start an eCommerce website but didn’t know where to start, today’s post features an inspiring story of someone who just took action and created something special with massive revenue in just 3 months.

While browsing Reddit yesterday I came across a wonderful thread about someone who started a brand new online store and has managed to turnover in excess of $40,000 in just 3 months.

shirtwashcash was started by reddit user doesitmakesound as a novel online store selling t-shirts which artwork submitted by fellow redditors and 4chan users.

The store has been so successful in such a short period of time that Shopify have featured the store as success story for their platform. We spend a lot of time talking about WooCommerce which we love, but Shopify is also a great platform that we recommend for those who don’t want to go down the road of hosting their own online store.

doesitmakesound tells us more in his reddit AMA

I started shirtwascash about 3 months ago which has been followed by Shopify’s team themselves for its explosive growth. We broke $10k in the first couple weeks with just a reddit post on /r/4chan and since moving to Shopify, we’ve had over $115k in total sales.
I personally ship thousands of shirts, I sourced and manage the local manufacturing of our apparel, and have since created an amazing platform for users to mockup shirt concepts, vote, and ultimately have a chance to become real products. Our subreddit /r/shirtwascash is a constant shirt thread, inspired by 4chan where the idea originated from.
I have learned a ton about setting up a shop, international shipping, approaching markets, and many learning curves made through trial and error. You could start a selling something today.


The AMA (or Ask Me Anything for those not down with reddit speak) is a goldmine of tips and tricks for those just getting started with setting up their own online store.

I love success stories like this. People all over the world are starting new online stores everyday and taking action to make better lives for themselves and this AMA shows that you don’t need a highly original idea or some ground breaking technology. You just need a good idea and good execution. For those getting started, Shopify gives you a great platform and hides technical complexity to let you focus on building your online store.

Make sure to read through the full AMA, there’s some great tips in there about how to handle international shipping, how to source good manufacturers and the importance of excellent customer service.