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LiquidWeb – the best managed host for a fast WooCommerce store?

LiquidWeb hosting review

In this web hosting review, we’ll test out WooCommerce hosting delivered by Nexcess, LiquidWeb’s Digital Commerce Cloud Platform. We’ll be using their Starter plan on a WooCommerce-powered store to gauge website performance.

Liquid Web is a web hosting provider that offers managed hosting services to growing businesses. It offers dedicated, cloud, and VPS hosting. The hosting provider also offers solutions for CMS and eCommerce sites as well as enterprise hosting. Liquid Web’s managed WooCommerce plans delivered by Nexcess give you the option to pre-install WordPress and WooCommerce.

Best WooCommerce Warehouse Management Systems

Best WooCommerce Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) is made up of software and processes that enable businesses to manage and control warehouse operations from the moment materials or products arrive at a warehouse to the time they are shipped out to the customer.

WooCommerce can be integrated with a WMS which eliminates manual and repetitive tasks by automating warehouse processes. This helps businesses increase productivity and deliver a seamless logistics experience to their customers.

Best Cart Recovery Services for WooCommerce

The Best Cart Recovery Systems for WooCommerce

Shopping cart abandonment happens when a prospective customer adds products to their online shopping cart, but changes their mind and leaves the website without placing an order.

The main reason why users abandon carts is that they are unsure or aren’t ready to make a purchase. They may be using their shopping cart to create a wishlist for possible later purchases or for comparing product prices.

According to a Baymard Institute report on cart abandonment, 68.9% is the average documented shopping cart abandonment rate. That means you’re missing out on over two-thirds of your potential sales revenue!


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