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WooCommerce Quickbooks Online Integration – How to Guide

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  1. Great article and super accurate overview of the current integrations available!

    One note worth mentioning – even though sync integrations through payment processors (like seem to be appealing to sync to QuickBooks, you often run into issues with line item accuracy and customer matching, because will normally never have as β€œaccurate” of data as the WooCommerce order would, in regards to the customer details, line item (product), quantity, and discount/tax/currency details.

    In short, the more accurate you want your sync, it’s best to start directly in WooCommerce – going directly to QuickBooks. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the great info! By the way, you might want to re-check your Webgility section, maybe they changed their pricing recently, but it’s definitely not $24/month anymore.

    Decided on using the MyWorks integration – and currently loving it! Setup was such a breeze, and the real value is in me not having to spend any time anymore to keep inventory levels in sync, create my new products across my systems, and of course accurately syncing my orders into QuickBooks! Like their in-app messages say… “rock on”!

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