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Speed up Loading Times with EWWW Image Optimizer

Continuing our series on useful plugins for WooCommerce, today we feature a vital plugin for every store owner – an image optimizer plugin.

With large vibrant photography a key component of eCommerce sites, a downside are large image sizes leading to a slower browsing experience for a user.

EWWW Image Optimizer automatically and losslessly optimizes your images as you upload them to your site. It can also optimize images that you have previously uploaded.

In this example, an image was reduced in size by 18.6%
In this example, an image was reduced in size by 18.6%


  1. Speed Reduced image sizes means faster page loads and happier visitors.
  2. Less bandwidth usage. Optimizing your images can save you hundreds of KB per image, which means significantly less bandwidth usage.
  3. Quicker than 3rd party services. The plugin can run on your own server, so you don’t have to wait for a third party service to receive, process, and return your images.
  4. Optimize everything else – it can even compress images found in the theme folder or any user-specified location

EWWW Image Optimizer is completely free and updated fairly often with new features and functionality. In an online world where the speed of your site can potentially mean ranking higher than your competition this is an important add-on for any WooCommerce or WordPress site.

You can download EWWW Image Optimizer directly from

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