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How to Update WooCommerce properly without breaking your online store

About Colm: He has been building web stuff since the web was a wee lad. Colm built his first blog with WordPress around 2007 and has been hooked ever since. When not knee deep in hooks and filters you'll probably find him running around a mountain or making pizza.
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  1. Hi Colm!

    Thank you for a thoroughly written guide. Really appreciate it. I run an agency who specialises in WooCommerce at and I second your opinion on the issues when kicking the database back to live. For a non-guru like me, its nerve-wrecking.

    Are you familiar with the VersionPress project. They have come a long way in database migrations and merging the last year.

    André G

  2. Hi, I am in the process of developing an online store with WooCommerce and have come across this in my WP dashboard:

    WooCommerce data update – We need to update your store’s database to the latest version.

    Is it safe for me to go head and press the update button, as I have seen some comments on the web that say they have encountered problem after doing so. My current WooCommerce version: 3.4.4

    Could you please advise me.

    1. I’d typically ensure that you have a backup of your WooCommerce database saved first before clicking that button. A good WooCommerce-optimized host should be running daily if not hourly backups so that everything can be restored should an issue arise. I’d contact them first to see if that’s the case.

  3. It seems that only WP Staging Pro can create a staging site on a separate host.
    This may be worth to be mentioned.

    Otherwise, a great article.

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