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Get Sequential Order Numbers in WooCommerce

This is another very useful WooCommerce plugin from the experts at SkyVerge. Oddly, order numbers in WooCommerce are not usually sequential as they are automatically created based upon the post ID. Therefore whenever a new page, blog post, product is created the order ID number increases.

Shop Management

This can cause problems for shop management and can make it difficult to track down a particular order if the IDs do not make sense.

SkyVerge’s simple plugin fixes this problem by creating its own counter which increases order numbers. It doesn’t have any setting – if there are existing orders at the time of installation, the sequential order numbers will start with the highest current order number. So if the highest current number is 100, the plugin starts increasing from that so the next order will be “101”.

The Pro version has additional features including: start the order numbers at any particular number, set a custom number prefix/suffix with date pattern substitutions, set an order number length, exclude free orders from the order number sequence, and more.

You can download the free version here.

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