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Creating scarcity with a Product Countdown plugin

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the business book – creating scarcity. When faced with impending scarcity, many customers will try and beat the countdown and buy. It might be just what is required to convert a hesitant customer into a sale – the notion that the deal will not be available at that price for long.

Update: We’ve included a product scarcity feature within our Shoptimizer WooCommerce theme. See the theme page for more information or check out a single product for a demo of it in action.


The Product Countdown plugin by wpbuddy does this for just $26. It has loads of features including:

  • A popup-window fixed to the top
  • A popup-window fixed to the bottom of the page
  • Adding a shortcode directly in the content of a post, page or custom post type
  • Add the current sales price or/and the current items in stock in the message beside the counter
  • Custom or global CSS for every single countdown
  • Global CSS setting for every countdown
  • Action that should be performed after the countdown has expired: Send an email or redirect to another page.

So check out the plugin today on Code Canyon, it might be just what you need to help convince customers to take the plunge and buy.

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    1. Hi Bec, Shoptimizer uses HurryTimer at the moment – but we’re nearly finished creating our own countdown module for the theme. It will hopefully be ready at the start of September.

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