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Single Product FOMOs (without Beeketing)

We wanted to come up with a solution to add the single product FOMOs without having to enable the Beeketing plugin. Beeketing can have an impact on mobile page speed scores due to the extra javascript it loads so here is an alternative approach.

1. Update the theme

First, ensure that you’re running at least version 1.5.6 of the Shoptimizer WooCommerce theme. Follow the update guide if you are not.

2. Add the countdown

Install the free HurryTimer plugin. Create a new campaign within the plugin and name it Hurry! This sale ends in. Set the ends after to be around 45 minutes and to Restart after page reload.

Make sure that the WooCommerce tab is enabled and position it below the add to cart button.

Under Appearance – if you want to mirror the demo site exactly – I have set these values:

  • Label – 15px – #999999
  • Headline – 15px – #4f5154

3. Add the Inventory stock bar

Enable it by switching on this theme option: Appearance > Customize > Layout > WooCommerce – Display Inventory FOMO

Note – for it to appear on a product:

  • It must be a simple or variable product (not grouped or external).
  • Have set the stock level for the product to be reasonably high. Manage stock needs to be ticked and the quantity should be more than 50.

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