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Adding a logo

It’s easy to add your own logo to the site to give it some instant brand recognizability. To do so, open the customizer. Appearance > Customize.

Next, go to General – Site Identity. Here, you can upload a logo image as well as a favicon – the little icon that appears within a browser tab.

Within General – Site Logo – you can adjust the height of the logo in pixels. This will proportionally also adjust the width.

To edit the Mobile Logo size, you’ll find that option within:

Appearance > Customize > Header and Navigation > Mobile Header

There is one last option – you can also add a ‘Sticky Logo’ – this appears in the bar which sticks when you scroll down the page. We’d recommend using just a logo mark rather than a full logo in this place. Think of the famous Nike swish as an example.

You can add it within General – Sticky Logo.

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