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CommerceKit Setup

CommerceKit is our new companion plugin for Shoptimizer. It includes features designed for conversions, built in a minimal, performance focused way. Each module uses vanilla JS (no jQuery), and loads only on pages where they are needed.

It can replace a number of 3rd-party plugins, ensuring that you have less overhead, and a faster site. If you have an existing Shoptimizer site and replace a plugin feature with a CommerceKit module, ensure that you disable the plugin first.

Note that each module has been built for performance and with a feature-set perfect for the vast majority of users. But, If you have very specific requirements, a separate dedicated plugin (some of which are mentioned below) may still be the better option.

To get started

First go to the Plugins area, and if you have any of the following active, disable them. This step is typically only for existing customers.

  • HurryTimer
  • WooCommerce Smart Search
  • YITH Wishlist
  • YITH Waitlist

Ensure that CommerceKit is active and up to date Appearance > Install Plugins and then click on the CommerceKit link in your WordPress dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to activate each module and get up and running.

The CommerceKit plugin dashboard

Just click the toggle on each module to activate it.

Ajax Search

Plugin it replaces: Smart WooCommerce Search

Ajax Search

Our Ajax Search module allows customers to quickly search through your catalog and display results immediately. You can choose to display results from all content (recommended) or just products. Plus decide if you wish to display out of stock items.

Countdown Timers

Plugin it replaces: HurryTimer

You can create two different countdown timers in CommerceKit, on product pages and the checkout. Firstly, on product pages:

Product countdown

To create a product countdown similar to the theme demo, use Hurry! This sale will end in as the title. Set ends to be 45 minutes and the type to be Evergreen. There is a conditions area where you can specify it to appear only on certain products or categories.

You can also create multiple product countdowns for different products and categories if you wish.

You can also add a countdown on the checkout page to encourage customers to complete the form and not leave the page.

Checkout countdown

Include a title such as Your order is reserved for, an expiry message and an end time – say 12 minutes. The countdown will appear on the checkout similar to the screenshot below.

Checkout countdown

Order Bump

A brand new feature to Shoptimizer is an Order Bump. This allows you to feature a product next to the Place order button on the checkout page. Think of it as an upsell right before purchase. It’s ideal for an add-on item which doesn’t cost too much – a spontaneous addition to the order.

To set it up, go to the Order Bump area of CommerceKit and enter the details.

Order Bump

Now when you go to the Checkout screen you’ll see the product selected next to the Place order button like so.

Order Bump

If the order bump product has already previously been added to the cart, it will not appear.

Stock Meter

Replaces: Shoptimizer theme option

Stock Meter

We rebuilt this stock meter module, which was previously a theme option. Now, it shows accurate data on the stock level of an item in increments of 10. It’s a visual metaphor which is particularly effective when the stock level of an item is low.

Manage Stock
Manage Stock must be selected

To have this display you must set an individual product’s inventory level. So Manage stock needs to be ticked and a number entered in the Stock quantity field.


Plugin it replaces: YITH Waitlist

A Waitlist is an email collection form which appears on products which are out of stock. It’s very useful to collect the information of customers who want to buy an out of stock item so you can let them know when it is available again. On the frontend it looks like this:


For this to display your inventory must be set to Manage stock. When it drops to 0 the waitlist form will display.

Waitlist Stock Management

You will be able to see the data collected within the Waitlist area of CommerceKit. For now it only collects data. You will need to contact interested buyers separately when the items are available again, or if there’s an alternative product you want to suggest.


Plugin it replaces: YITH Wishlist

A wishlist is a common feature on many eCommerce sites. Firstly, you’ll need to create a new page, called Wishlist. Under ‘Page Attributes’ on the right-hand side of the WordPress editor change the page template dropdown to be Full width.

Note: If you have a caching plugin enabled, you will need to exclude this Wishlist page from being cached for it to work correctly.

Finally, add this shortcode to the contents of the page and save it: [commercegurus_wishlist]

Next, in the Wishlist settings in CommerceKit – select this new Wishlist page and click Save Changes.

You could include this Wishlist page in your main menu or secondary menu if you like. This is what it looks like when products have been added to the wishlist.


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