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CommerceKit Product Attributes Gallery

WooCommerce has an option to assign a specific image when a variation is selected. So if you sell a t-shirt with different colors, the main image can change to a ‘blue t-shirt image’ if the color ‘blue’ is selected.

However, WooCommerce by default, requires all attribute types to be selected before the image changes. So if you select the color blue, the image won’t change until you also select a size.

Our attributes gallery allows you to assign a gallery to single attributes. With our module, you can, for example, create a gallery for a specific color. The gallery will update once the color has been selected without needing to also select a size.

This advanced functionality has been missing from the core WooCommerce gallery and we are delighted to be able to offer it within CommerceKit.

Note: This module will of course only work with variable products in WooCommerce.

To get started, go to: CommerceKit > Product Attributes Gallery – and enable it.

CommerceKit Product Attributes Gallery

Next, you need to edit a variable product in your catalog. Edit a product and within the Product data section click on the new Product Attributes Gallery panel.

CommerceKit Product Attributes Gallery

Now, you can create a gallery on an attribute level. Click on the Select an attribute label and within the resulting dropdown you’ll be able to select from available attributes and then click the Add button to create a gallery.

Click the Add images icon to begin adding images to an attribution gallery. Once uploaded, you can hold-click and drag to rearrange the order of the images.

You can also hover over a thumbnail and click the play icon to include a video. A video can only be added to a thumbnail. If a video has been included, the icon color changes to red.

You can reference YouTube and Vimeo URLs or link to an MP4 file in your media library. An MP4 is recommended.

Adding a video to an attribute gallery

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