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Get Instant Search Results on your WooCommerce Site

Continuing our feature on must have WooCommerce plugins, today we feature a very useful instant search results add-on called YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search.

As one starts type in the search box, the products starts appears in the drop-down instantly. A customer can directly click on the relevant search items instead of going to search page and find out what he or she is looking for.

Instant search results

The search suggestions appear almost instantly and displays as a dropdown which adjusts according to what is typed.

Instant search is a must requirement for almost every e-commerce site. Live Search provides customer a very convenient method to find out instantly, what they are looking for.

Did you ever forget the name of a product? Just start to write your key phrase. A list with useful suggestions will be shown to you, and the more you write, the more accurate it will be. The experience is similar to Google Suggest and provides a near instantaneous response from the database.

Download it

You can grab the plugin here.

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