Today we look at a must have plugin for WooCommerce to grow revenue by chasing down abandoned orders before they disappear into the abyss!

On some sites abandoned orders exceed 95% of all order sessions! Newcomers to eCommerce may recoil in horror at the thoughts of such high rates of order abandonment. But abandoned orders are not the exception in eCommerce. They are the norm. Successful eCommerce websites with huge amounts of traffic have a lot of “footfall” or “screenfall” passing by with no or little or order intent. But that’s not to say that we should just sit idly by and watch all those orders disappear into a black hole. No, we’ll fight for them!

WooCommerce Abandon Cart Pro

This is a super little plugin that does one thing and does it really well. This little bad boy will become your abandoned order nerve centre, chasing down abandoned carts like a boss, taking names and offering discounts to get that order that’s rightfully yours.

So how does it work?

  • Customer add products to their cart
  • Customers decides, “nope not ordering this crap today!”
  • Abandon Cart Pro sits in waiting – watching that cart, never taking it’s eyes off the prize. Soon I will have you…..
  • After a few minutes/hours (all of which can be defined by you with different emails to be sent at different emails) Abandon Cart Pro kicks in and goes for the jugular. Abandon Cart Pro will fire off emails to the customer asking them why the fuck they didn’t order the crap in their cart. If this aggressive posture doesn’t work try a more softly, softly approach 🙂
  • What’s more, Abandon Cart Pro will also include a coupon code to let the custom avail of a discount if they can be persuaded to part with their cash.
  • The plugin will then do final act of heroism and track this as a “recovered order” letting you know just how shit hot it is at putting more money in your pocket. Job. DONE.

Not convinced? What is wrong with you?? Watch this video immediately.

There’s a free version of the plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository. Alternatively if you want to unlock all the cool premium features this plugin can do for you get the premium version.

Don’t be stupid. Install this plugin today and reduce your abandonment rates. It’s a no brainer.



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