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How to send WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Emails – Step by Step Guide

How to Send WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Emails – Step by Step Guide

You’ve nailed your product. You’ve worked hard to acquire traffic to your online store. Everything looks tickety-boo. You’ve got Google Analytics real time view open on your monitor and you can see users adding your products to their cart. You start to get excited at the prospect of getting that sweet sweet sales notification. Then…nothing…crickets…

The sale never comes…

That’s what an abandoned cart looks like. Some people will argue how long you should wait before you consider a cart to be abandoned. In short, don’t wait long. Customers are increasingly fickle and distracted bunch. If you’ve not gotten the sale within 10-15 minutes of the cart being created – it has probably been abandoned.

WooCommerce abandoned cart emails can help you recover prospective customers who left your website without making a purchase. This is a great way to increase conversion rates and boost engagement on your online store.

Rescue orders from oblivion with Abandoned Cart Pro

Today we look at a must have plugin for WooCommerce to grow revenue by chasing down abandoned orders before they disappear into the abyss!

On some sites abandoned orders exceed 95% of all order sessions! Newcomers to eCommerce may recoil in horror at the thoughts of such high rates of order abandonment. But abandoned orders are not the exception in eCommerce. They are the norm. Successful eCommerce websites with huge amounts of traffic have a lot of “footfall” or “screenfall” passing by with no or little or order intent. But that’s not to say that we should just sit idly by and watch all those orders disappear into a black hole. No, we’ll fight for them!


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