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Building the best WooCommerce theme – focus on speed and conversions

What essential features would make up the best WooCommerce theme? We’ve been building WooCommerce themes for some time, starting with Captiva in 2014 and our best seller, Adrenalin in 2015 and our oft-imitated Suave in 2016. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a proliferation of multi-purpose themes on marketplaces such as ThemeForest. These, on the whole, tend to feel ‘heavy’. By including dozens of javascript files, image sliders, icon libraries and the like, speed dramatically suffers.

5 proven conversion rate tips to boost your eCommerce store sales

When it comes to conversion research we’re big fans of the Baymard Institute Research website. It is a web usability research center which conducts detailed studies on nearly every feature of major eCommerce websites. These conversion rate tips, based on extensive research, could make a huge difference to the turnover of your store. It is academic in nature but practical in how it presents solutions to common UX problems.

When planning our Shoptimizer theme we quickly realized that nearly no WooCommerce theme on the market has actually studied these usability reports in order to make the default experience easier and more likely to convert their visitors into customers.


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