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Adding the trust badges manually

Trust badges are used throughout the theme and are normally included within the demo data. If you did not add the demo data, and want to include these manually, this is how you do it.

Go to Appearance > Widgets. And look for the following widget areas.

Single Product Custom Area

Single Product Trust Badges

Go to: Appearance > Widgets > Single Product Custom Area.

For the Single Product Custom Area widget, add a standard Text widget to this space. Switch to the ‘Text’ tab within it and paste the following.

You can switch back to the Visual Tab after.

Cart Custom Area

Go to: Appearance > Widgets > Cart Custom Area.

Again, add a Text widget. Switch to the Text tab, and add the following.

Checkout Custom Area.

Go to: Appearance > Widgets > Checkout Custom Area.

Same process as the others.


You are better off downloading the images referenced and uploading them to your own Media Library. Then, update these widget links to reference your own domain.

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