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Adding Infinite Scroll to the Shop

You can add an infinite scroll feature to the Shop page on Shoptimizer, which will load in the next page of products on the same page. This means you don’t need to click on the numbered pagination and aids discovery on stores which have a lot of products.

1. Include some custom code

A big thanks to Luke for this tip. This is necessary otherwise the infinite scroll loop gets confused and duplicates other products, such as from the mega menu into the loop.

So either within a child theme’s functions.php file or by using the Code Snippets plugin, add the following.

2. Install the YITH Infinite Scrolling plugin

YITH Infinite Scrolling

Install and activate the YITH Infinite Scrolling plugin. You can search for it within the Plugins section of WordPress.

3. Change the Settings

Go to YITH > Infinite Scrolling and change the settings to the following.

YITH Infinite Scroll Settings

Navigation Selector:

Next Selector:
.woocommerce-pagination a.next

Item Selector:

Content Selector:

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