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How page templates work

It’s important to understand how page templates work in Shoptimizer.

To get started go to Pages and hover over any link, say Home – you’ll see a number of options. Click Quick Edit.

Click on Quick Edit
Click on Quick Edit

Now, a new panel appears, and you’ll see the Templates dropdown.

Templates dropdown
Templates dropdown

There are a number of different page templates to choose from.

  • Default. This will include a sidebar which is a widget area. You can change what appears within the sidebar in: Appearance > Widgets > Pages Sidebar
  • Full width. This is a full width page. There is no sidebar. There is a page title.
  • Full width (no heading). This is a full width page with no page title or breadcrumbs.
  • Canvas. This is an edge-to-edge template with no container at all. No page title, or breadcrumbs. Useful for certain designs in Elementor.

If you change the dropdown make sure you click the Update button to save the change.

We recommend making certain pages full width

We suggest changing the My Account, Cart, and Checkout pages to use the Full width template. A sidebar isn’t needed on these.

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